Almonds are one of the most popular nuts in the world, appreciated for their flavor, texture and numerous health benefits. They are native to the Middle East, but today they are grown in many regions of the world, including Spain, which is one of the main producers.

Almonds lauranne

Lauranne almond, also known as Avijor almond, is a variety originating in France that has become one of the most popular in the world for its excellent characteristics


The Lauranne tree is of medium vigor, which means it has moderate growth


It is a late flowering variety, which makes it less susceptible to spring frosts.


It is a very productive variety, with an early production and a regular harvest.


It is highly resistant to cryptogamic diseases, such as oidium and monilia.

Nutritional properties


They are a good source of vegetable protein, which makes them a good meat substitute for vegetarians and vegans.

Health fats

Contienen principalmente grasas monoinsaturadas y poliinsaturadas, beneficiosas para la salud cardiovascular


Fibra: Son una buena fuente de fibra, que ayuda a regular el sistema digestivo y promueve la saciedad

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