It is a simple cream that has as a base chickpeas, hence its name, hummus in Arabic is chickpea, and that exquisite combination of ingredients gives us this nutritious dish, which favors the digestive transit.



  1. To make our chickpea hummus we will need a mixer, food processor or similar. Next we will add all the ingredients, IMPORTANT that the chickpeas are previously cooked and we will leave both the paprika De la Vera and sesame seeds (optional) to finish the dish.
  2. Beat our ingredients until you get the texture of a cream and continue to serve on a plate or dish. 
  3. Finally we will add a little oil, paprika and sesame seeds to give it that crispy touch.

To eat our hummus we always recommend using pita bread, crudités, carrot or zucchini already enjoy! 

Thanks to our friend @isabel_mariam88 for making this delicious recipe and sharing it with us!

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