Eva Pedraza

Eva María Pedraza López (born 1970) is a Spanish model, actress, presenter, politician and entrepreneur.

Question: How does it define your career?

Answer: Exciting, we artists have a professional life where we go up, down, up, down as if we were in the Picos de Europa. Fulfilling dreams, jumping potholes, and small goals every day, I believe I have survived to this day.

Question: Have You Created Your Own Path?

Answer: I have produced my own plays. There have been years that if I wanted to work and I wanted to save that espinita of the performance, I had to produce my own shows and for me it has been gratifying the contact with the public, all these small towns around me I have known for four years, we have been touring all over the province of Córdoba and for me it has been a personal discovery, I have discovered myself as Eva Pedraza.

Question: Future Projects?

Answer: I am recording until the end of June, I will be recording the Modern series on RTVE, it is the most immediate thing I have, and I imagine that we will start in mid-May to record a play called Closet and I go back to the theater this time is not something that I produce, but we have called Miguel, my husband, who is also an actor along with Maria and Juan, a very cool play. I have much desire to embark on that project, as I told you before for me it was a great discovery to do theater again, but theater like that in small squares, We would reach very large squares but also small squares and suddenly that contact so close with the public I miss him very much.

Question: Do You Take a Piece of Land When You Travel?

Answer: When I have gone to Mexico to see my husband work and when I have gone to Miami I have always gone to lols supermarkets I always look for ways to adapt what I am there but cooked.. Instead of beans I make a fabada with these beans but it is a fabada, I threw chorizo, baicon but it was the closest thing to a fabada, always trying to adapt what there is to my way of cooking.

Question: Did you like our products?

Answer: I want to be a guinea pig, you can give me all the oils of the world, I try them and I make an assessment.

Question: Any Tips for Who’s Starting?

Answer: This is hard, I do not know if I told you or I have told others of the team, or Nya, who tells me, I take a few years not call me for a casting, twelve years I have been twelve, who rarely called me for a casting. There comes a time when you think you’re not going to dedicate yourself to this anymore, I was really still doing things as an actress because as I told you I produced my own plays but well there are people who are not so enterprising if not waiting more to be called but that does not mean that I am not an actor or a wonderful actress, then patience. It is true that there are stages in which we do not know because you do not fit as a character or you stay in no man’s land, it is deci no characters that can fit you in your age or your physique

One day you come and start and it seems that yes, that there will be characters. My advice is that this is passionate that you like, that you dedicate body and soul but to you also, that this is not only what gives you to eat, that there are many more things that give you food.

I send a kiss this strong to all the team of Palacios Gutierrez, courage, keep fighting, keep positioning that is what to do, I think you are on a very good path. I hope to know the mill, which I like, call me. See you soon.

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