Michele De Vicenti

Michele De Vicenti (Italy), model, actor and professional dancer 

Question: How were your beginnings?

Answer: My career began with dancing and all that with my brother. It all started thanks to her. At 14 I started working in television.

Question: How long have you been in Spain?

Answer: It’s two years I’m here in Spain. I have done Spain- Italy, Italy- Spain for work Question: How do you take the opportunity to be a protagonist?

Answer: It is my first time as a protagonist, I have always worked with secularists or figuration. If I have worked in musicals in Italy and here in Spain I am trying to move along these paths.

Question: Do you take care of food?

Answer: Being here in Madrid in everything easier, if I am out if it is going to cost me a little more, more than anything because you do not know the sites, you do not know what you can find in a restaurant, or if you like the food, but I try to take care of myself.

Question: Ginmasio routine?

Answer: The only one I take in the gym are proteins and two eggs in the morning to heat the engines.

Question: Advice for Whom to Pursue a Goal?

Answer: To continue with the dreams that you have in your head since small, gradually the dreams are achieved to me has passed me, in Italy I had a lot of work but here I have had a lot of luck to meet people who have given me the opportunity of everything and nothing here I am.

Question: Advice to our followers.

Answer: The most important advice that everyone has to do is prepare a breakfast in the morning, a toast with a little oil of Oils Palaces and this and forward. I encourage you to see this short film that there are a lot of super cool actors. A kiss

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