Miguel Ángel Olivares

Miguel Ángel Olivares (Lucena, 1990) is an actor, producer and director. He is known as an actor in television series such; Amar is forever, Acacias38, Alli abajo and the recent film Mamacruz.

He continues to reap success with his latest short film 'Cementerio de coches', placing himself on the list of the official section of the prestigious Malaga Film Festival 2024.

The Film has more than 95 selections and 28 awards worldwide, an overwhelming success that could not miss this new selection that qualifies it for the 2025 Goya awards

Question: Tell Us About You

Answer: Mocatriz, Actor, Director, Producer..

Question: What Is Your New Role as a Screenwriter?

Answer: I am very fantastic so I have to vent and my way of venting is writing.

Question: Do You Do Any Action In Your Day-to-Day To Look In The Middle?

Answer: Many organic products, both in food and in any place, already find something organic, and everything that can be done in the filming is very important. In fact there is a department now and it is the eco mode. It is a figure in the filming that takes care of everything, come from the ecological.

Question: Do you take good care of yourself?

Answer: You don’t have to do, but eat well, try to eat well. I think sport is daily. For me, the gym is daily, but that’s why, because I like to eat and although I eat healthy but sometimes the filming also, what I have said, there is not much time, and if you have to eat a sweet, a sandwich, because you eat it, there is nothing else.

Question: Have you ever tried our products?

Answer: Yes, if all our filming is Aceites Palacios, there in catering.

Question: What is Your Favorite Dish?

Answer: And having grown up in an environment and being used to that food, in the end you miss it. So when I’m with the family, it’s true that I only eat things like my grandmother’s salmorejo, unbelievable.


Question: Have you had any referents or help at the beginning of your career?

Answer: Yes the family was always and still is and supporting you already emotionally with a very roller coaster race, and the family is always there supporting you emotionally.

Question: What advice would you give to someone who wants to start?

Answer: No one will give you anything, you should not wait for them to come to your house, to knock on your door, no one will do it and if they do so congratulations, because you have to make a living. I have worked on a thousand things, until I could work and live from this, create and invest and risk a lot. Legué set up the production and well luckily I’m working on it, but there are a lot of people who will always say no. In all the jobs there are a lot of people and it is very difficult to enter because there are 20,000 in each sector but you have to try and then insist and if they tell you that you do not.

Question: Upcoming projects?

Answer: I always follow my social line from Julia until now. We started to distribute Vinyl, also Cemetery of cars is still in distribution, he has a year yet and it seems that it has already temrinado because it has a brutal route but it is not over, much remains. The documentary, the kids of Morelia are in full editing today, is my first feature film. A greeting, that you enjoy the ecological, Oils Palaces and cinema.

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