The journey of extra virgin olive oil: a journey from the olive tree to your table

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (AOVE) is a precious product worldwide, not only for its unique flavor and incomparable aroma, but also for its numerous health-promoting properties

Olive cultivation

It all starts with the cultivation of the olive tree, a hardy and long-lived tree that can live hundreds of years. The olive trees are grown in olive groves, tracts of land where they are planted in orderly rows. There are different varieties of olive, each with its own characteristics of flavor, aroma and oil yield.

Olive harvest

The ideal time for harvesting is when the olives reach an optimal degree of ripening, which gives them the perfect balance between flavor, aroma and oil content. Harvesting can be done manually or with harvesting machines.

Transportation to the mill

Once harvested, the olives are quickly transported to the mill, where they will be processed to obtain the oil. It is important that the transport is carried out with care to prevent the olives from being damaged or losing their quality.

The storage of olive oil

Olive oil is stored in stainless steel tanks under controlled temperature and humidity conditions to preserve its quality and freshness

The packaging of olive oil

Olive oil is bottled in glass or tin containers, ready to be labelled and distributed to consumers

The enjoyment of olive oil

Olive oil comes to your table, ready to be enjoyed raw, to enhance the flavor of your dishes or to cook at low temperature. A unique and exceptional product that reflects the passion and care of those who make it

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