The journey of extra virgin olive oil: a journey from the olive tree to your table

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (AOVE) is a precious product worldwide, not only for its unique flavor and incomparable aroma, but also for its numerous health-promoting properties

Its elaboration implies a meticulous and traditional process that begins in the olive groves and culminates in the obtaining of an oil of the highest quality

Discover the main stages that make up the journey of extra virgin olive oil:

In the mill, the olives go through a grinding process, where they are ground into a homogeneous paste called the olive mass. This process is done by stone mills or modern stainless steel mills.

The olive mass is beaten in warm water for a certain time. This process promotes the emulsion of the oil and the release of its aromatic components

Separates the components of the olive paste obtained during grinding

 The oil obtained is left to rest in tanks for a while so that the impurities are decanted at the bottom. Thus, a clean and transparent oil is obtained

The oil is bottled in glass or tin containers, ready to be labelled and distributed to consumers.

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